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Helping clients maximize their largest investment and greatest asset -- their employees

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Human Resources Group, Ltd. is a professional human resource services company specializing in the Casino, Resort, Hotel, and Retail industries. Founded in 1991, Human Resources Group, Ltd. has devoted itself to assisting over 60 companies in addressing their human resource needs by providing them with professional services and products. So when you need help achieving your Human Resource requirements, contact us for the solutions you are looking for. -- Bob Orr, President and CEO
~ Organizational Structure Assessments ~ Employee Opinion Surveys

~ HR Compliance Reviews ~ HR Strategic Planning ~ Manpower/Succession Planning ~ New Property Opening Support ~ Employee Retention Analysis

~ Wage & Salary Program Review & Development ~

~ HR Policies & Practices Development or Update ~ Performance Management

~ Job Descriptions~ Employee Handbooks ~ Staffing & Scheduling Analysis
~ HR Department Efficiency Assessments


Regardless of your organization's size you are continually facing significant human resource issues.  However, you may not have the time, staff or expertise to keep things current and get everything accomplished.
Human Resources Group will assist your company in achieving its goals by ensuring that your human resource function is meeting the needs of your organization.
This professionsal approach can ensure that your company has the necessary and appropriate HR infrastructure and strategic plan and that all HR initiatives are aligned with your company's overall business strategies. In doing so you will improve:


* Manager effectiveness

* Employee retention

* Employee productivity and morale

* Guest service



Our tailored, client-specific approach allows you and your HR department to remain focused on your daily business needs.


By outsourcing some of your more time-consuming initiatives, Human Resources Group will provide you with the appropriate analysis, assessments and solutions necessary and assist you with implementation.
All of this without adding any on-going, long-term expense or staff!


Human Resources Group, Ltd.
318 Maple St.
Beecher, IL 60401
Phone: (708) 254-5852